Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I ♥ Etsy

Not only do I love selling my felt creations on Etsy, but I confess to spending a decent portion of my sales supporting the other artists on the fabulous marketplace! You can find ANYTHING on there, and the best part is that each purchase directly impacts a single artisan and their family. I feel great after each expenditure, knowing that my money is supporting a small-time business.

Most recently, I purchased decor for the "play room," which is currently bursting at the seams and needing storage overhaul, but one project at a time, right? The Disney theme began at an auction last year for the Make A Wish Foundation at which my first live auction participation also became my first live-auction purchase (I prefer to consider it a WIN).

An original Cinderella lithograph and segment of film from the Disney movie Cinderella coordinated gorgeously with the already blue walls.

I found a lovely photograph featuring the castle at Walt Disney World in Florida (someday I hope to actually see it in person...) from Steve Allat.

So the pair look lovely framing the play room window, but the walls are lacking. Enter vinyl wall decals!

I'm excited to receive this castle decal to decorate the wall above the guest bed in the play room (the room does double-duty I'm afraid... my apologies to those guests who are not Disney fans. Actually, if you dislike Disney, perhaps you aren't a welcome guest after all!!) from The Overloaded Noggin.

I also can't help but purchase adorable clothes for my daughter, whose closets are already full and bursting, but I can't resist a good sale! My most recent acquisition (which I am soooo excited to receive) is a darling autumn outfit from Candy Stick Lane. I'm planning on her wearing it for Thanksgiving, and any other function between now and the Christmas season. You won't find a nicer Etsy artisan or a cuter shop than Renee at Candy Stick Lane!

I could fill my blog with photos of the myriad of adorable children's clothes on Etsy, and perhaps I will once I'm finished purchasing ALL OF THEM! But I would feel a bit remiss if I never showered myself with Etsy treasure once in a while, so here are a few of my own little pleasures purchased this summer.

I have quite a developed and oft-indulged addiction to reading (hey, if you have to have an addiction, at least it is one that helps my brain rather than deteriorates it, right?) which prompted my hubby to get me a Kindle for my upcoming 30th birthday (ouch - I just admitted that in print....). Every new toy deserves its own accessory, so I found this awesome padded purse/bag dedicated to my Kindle and accessories from Borsa Bella.

Adding to my summer wardrobe was also high on my Etsy priority list. I've made a few purchases from Ahpeele for various seasons of style, and I love the quirky fun and super comfy tees. This particular shirt has been one of my favorites all summer.

Another awesome tee, which incidentally, I believe led to me getting CARDED the other night at dinner, an occurrence which has not taken place in I can't remember how long, is printed by rainbowswirlz.

Fun, soft, and whimsical, I couldn't care in the least that it may be a bit juvenile; I♥ this shirt!
(BTW - this is not me in the photo, if it were,
I could totally agree with the waitress that
carding was absolutely necessary)

So bohemian and comfortable, I love sliding my feet into these wonderful sandals by Sandali. They fit as if molded for my feet, were very reasonably priced, and the rich lovely color goes with everything. I fully expect these sandals to last forever, they are so well-made.

A peek into my shopping habits on Etsy - I hope you've enjoyed it! Now get out there and shop!!!


Penelope Anne said...

I didnt know you had a blog! YAY ME!!! I share your etsy shopping enthusiasm!!! I LOVE Etsy! Thank you SO much for featuring my outfit! I hope you love it when you get it!XOXO

Heather said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. It's fun to see how people apply their excellent taste to spruce up daily living. You've had some great ideas for wall art, and I was wondering if I could feature your Disney room theme in my blog:
http://walldecalpal.com /walldecalblog/
Also, you may be interested in joining our community of wall art lovers. I know the other members would benefit from your creative input.

Pammy Dawn said...

Thanks for the input, ladies! It sure is nice to see that someone other than my mom reads my blog.... :D
Heather, I would welcome a feature on your blog! As soon as I get my castle decal in the mail, I'll photograph the room with it above the bed as I have planned. Thanks again!