Sunday, September 26, 2010

Waldorf Doll Making Part 2

Once I finished the head and shoulders, I couldn't wait to keep going! (see Part 1) For the body, I was very happy to use the sewing machine. The kit came with super soft cotton knit screen printed with the pattern for the arms and body/legs. How easy to just stitch it right up along the lines, then cut it all out afterward! I used a triple stitch for stretch, and a ball point needle. For the first time in my sewing life, I had no hang-ups, no fabric got sucked into the machine, and I didn't break a needle or the thread. The sewing gods were smiling down upon me!!

Here is a photo breakdown of my progress:

Finished sewing, cut out the pieces

Turned, ready to be stuffed with wool

All stuffed, pinned at the joints, and sewing the arms to the shoulders

Dolly head and arms connected

Almost fully connected, about to stitch up the arm holes and neck

She is surprisingly heavy from the weight of the wool - not like a doll stuffed with synthetic fibers. I love that she is all cotton and wool - she feels awesome!

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