Monday, December 6, 2010

Waldorf Doll Making Part 3

Time for the last leg of my Waldorf Doll adventure (finally!!) - looks like Julia will have her Christmas dolly after all! (See Part 1 and Part 2)

I finished closing all the seams around the neck and arms. Next was to shape the leg seams - thighs and ankles.

I chose a lavender blue embroidery floss for the eyes. It took me a bit to get them right - I started with them smaller, then went back and made them larger. This photo is a bit creepy I think with the pins marking the mouth!

Ah, much better. A few passes with the embroidery thread for the mouth, and now it really looks like a doll!

A bit of pink for the cheeks.

This is the first layer of yarn for the hair - I can't wait to get it all on - 2 more layers and then I'll be ready to make her some dresses.


Wendy said...

Could you give a tutorial on how you made the eyes and mouth? I love the smile she has!

Wendy said...

Could you do a tutorial on how you did the eyes and mouth? I love the smile she has. I am making my first Waldorf doll and can't find a good tutorial on the facial features and how to get the different looks from the eyes and mouth(or how to do the cheeks).

Wendy said...

How did you do the eyes and mouth? I am doing my first Waldorf doll and wand to get her facial features just right. I love the smile on your doll!

Pammy Dawn said...

Hi Wendy - I am so sorry I haven't been monitoring my posts very well. I hope you were able to figure out the facial features. When I did the eyes, I used the really long needle that came with my kit and started my stitch at the back of the head through to the front. I made a stitch the width I wanted, then I repeated until the eye was the size/shape I wanted. I then repeated the process for the second eye. For the mouth, I used the same needle, again starting my stitch at the back of the head and I ran my stitch the width I wanted for the mouth. I did 2 or three passes and tied it off in the back of the head. I hope that helps!