Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yo Ho Ho!

My newest addition - Princess Punky Bones:  Pirate Princess!  I had a lot of fun making this clip.  There are so many cute pirate themed outfits for little girls now, and this clip would be the perfect finishing touch to any Pirate Princess outfit!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Critter Clips!

I've been having so much fun creating new critters!  They are completely original - I didn't use any die-cutting tools to create any of my felt clips, just my poor little fingers in my scissors...  

I have quite a process I go through when I create a new clip.  First, I sketch until I find a design I like.  Then, I photograph it (don't have a scanner yet....) and load it into my computer.  I resize it until it is the size I want for a hair clip or pin and print a few copies.  I use the print-outs to make pattern pieces, which I layout on the felt, pin, and cut.  All my clips are at least 2 layers of felt, sometimes more than 2, so the cutting is the most time consuming part of the clip making.  Once all the pieces are cut, I sew the pieces together, adding any embroidered details as I go.  The clip or pin back is securely sewn into place, and the clip is stitched completely closed!  Voila!  Beautiful felt critter!

NEW - Oriana Owl Wool Felt Snap Clip, Pin or Brooch - SALE PRICE $5.20

NEW - Alligator Love Wool Felt Snap Clip, Pin or Brooch - SALE PRICE $5.20
NEW - Friendly Green Monster Wool Felt Hair Clip, Pin or Brooch - SALE PRICE $4.40

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Memorial Day Sale!

In honor of Memorial Day, all items in my Etsy Store are 20% off now through May 31st. Prices are marked 20% off!


Happy Hippo - Sale Price: $5.20

Little Patriot Star - Sale Price: $5.20

Made to Match Gymboree's Tropical Garden - Sale Price: $4.80

Camo Heart - Sale Price: $4.40

Splash the Whale - Sale Price: $4.40