Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How to Make a Custom Felt Hair Clip

Feeling crafty? You can create your own felt accessory to match any outfit.

Basic materials needed:
-design with multiple copies
-small craft scissors (sewing scissors are best
- they need to be SHARP)
-embroidery thread
-bar pin or hair clip
-felt (wool or wool blend are best, but craft felt can also be used)

Simple designs are best, the more intricate the design, the more cuts you'll need to make. You can use clip art or draw your own. I like to sketch my own designs and scan them so I can shrink and enlarge as needed. If you're making a hair clip, keep in mind the size of the hair clip you'll be using when you create the design. You'll want to have a finished product about 1/4 to 1/2 inch larger than the hair clip.

I began with sketching the squirrel, then scanning it and printing multiple copies. You'll want a copy for each piece you need to layer. Cut out each individual piece and decide which color felt you want to use for each. You may choose to embroider the details rather than cut felt. Be creative! Try using buttons, sequins, or fabric for additional details.

Once the pieces of your design are cut, pin each piece to the felt and carefully cut them out using the sharpest, smallest scissors you have. I like to use small Gingher scissors. Be sure to have a back and front to sandwich the hair clip between.

Before you begin to stitch the pieces together, check to make sure they fit together neatly. Start by stitching the detail pieces to the top of your design.

Once the front is completely stitched to your liking, including embroidery and embellishments, you are ready to attach the hair clip or pin.

Decide which direction you want your clip to open and make a small slit to slip the bottom prong of the hair clip through. If you are using a bar pin or French barrette, you'll need to flip the piece over and stitch the pin/French barrette securely to the back of the design. Stitch across the clip to hold it in place.

Lastly, stitch around the outside of your creation. Knot your thread carefully; you don't want it to unravel in your child's hair!

Voila! A completely unique hair clip or pin for you or someone you love. Feel free to leave comments if you need clarification on any of the directions listed here!

To purchase the squirrel, please visit Pammy Dawn!
Squirrel design Copyright Pammy Dawn 2009. No reproduction without permission.

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Unknown said...

YAY!!!! Glad to see you back creating and listing clippies :)

Allie finally has enough hair and is wearing clippies everyday!

While I eventually want to venture into making some myself, I've been anxiously awaiting getting some from you :)