Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Critter Clips!

I've been having so much fun creating new critters!  They are completely original - I didn't use any die-cutting tools to create any of my felt clips, just my poor little fingers in my scissors...  

I have quite a process I go through when I create a new clip.  First, I sketch until I find a design I like.  Then, I photograph it (don't have a scanner yet....) and load it into my computer.  I resize it until it is the size I want for a hair clip or pin and print a few copies.  I use the print-outs to make pattern pieces, which I layout on the felt, pin, and cut.  All my clips are at least 2 layers of felt, sometimes more than 2, so the cutting is the most time consuming part of the clip making.  Once all the pieces are cut, I sew the pieces together, adding any embroidered details as I go.  The clip or pin back is securely sewn into place, and the clip is stitched completely closed!  Voila!  Beautiful felt critter!

NEW - Oriana Owl Wool Felt Snap Clip, Pin or Brooch - SALE PRICE $5.20

NEW - Alligator Love Wool Felt Snap Clip, Pin or Brooch - SALE PRICE $5.20
NEW - Friendly Green Monster Wool Felt Hair Clip, Pin or Brooch - SALE PRICE $4.40

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Mama Z said...

Those are so cute!