Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mother's Day Gift Guide - For the New Mommy

Second in my series of Mother's Day gift guides, this guide is geared toward the NEW mommy.  My daughter is now 2 1/2, but these are things I would have loved to receive as gifts for my first Mother's Day.  Some are practical and others whimsical, but all are fabulous.

Every new mom needs a brag book to show off the beautiful bundle.  This one is lovely, and nice and small for the purse.  As if your purse or diaper bag wasn't crowded enough already, but photos are essential!

My daughter was always pulling my hair while nursing, so I would have appreciated a necklace designed especially for the purpose of keeping her occupied during nursing.  This one is particularly nice because it is all natural.

One of the first gifts I bought myself after my daughter's birth was a necklace declaring to the world her name stamped in silver.  I love the thickness of this particular necklace set, and the unique stacked look for either a first and middle name, or for showing more than one child's name.

So, the most vivid part of new motherhood in my memory... sleep deprivation.  The art of napping was never so finely tuned as in those first few months of my daughter's life.  Any time of day, this might help catch some much needed zzzz's.

Returning to work can be quite traumatic for the new mommy (unless you are lucky enough to get to stay home, and even then, this would be lovely) so displaying baby prominently on your desk can lessen some of the separation anxiety.  This picture frame is so beautiful, it wouldn't even need to be for baby.  

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