Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to School Essentials

Today I became a cliche... I dropped off my baby girl for her first day of preschool (yeah - I know, not even Kindergarten yet...) and I cried. At least I waited until I was back in the car. She was totally ready - extremely excited and confident. She smiled, gave Mommy a hug, and went to sit on the carpet with the teacher and the other kids. Apparently she is way more well-adjusted than I am... *pat self on the back*

Here are some of my favorite Back-To-School essentials:

Back-to-school wouldn't be the same without a new lunch box! Julia loves her Goodbyn purple lunchbox (the main website was back-ordered, so I got hers on Amazon), and so do I. It is made in the USA, and is ecofriendly. It is also convenient and fun. The little compartments keep all the foods separated without having to use baggies or little tupperwares that easily get lost. Pick from a multitude of fun colors, and it also comes with many fun stickers so kids can personalize their box.

Backpacks and Book Bags

Messenger Bag by LilliansBags on Etsy

Carry All Tree Rings Bag by mediumcontrol on Etsy

New School Clothes

And my personal favorite for going back to school.... the new clothes!

For the Boys...

CSL Boutique Real Tie in Jax by CandyStickLane on Etsy

Awesome Pencils!

Kawaii Koi Pencils by maoiliosa on Etsy

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Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

The suede shoes and those pencils ROCK! Im so glad she's off to a great start! They are always more prepared than we are :) Thank you SO much for the feature!!!