Friday, March 19, 2010

Royal Monarch Butterfly Pin or Hair Clip

Mariposa - the inspiration for this mini felt sculpture, is butterfly in Spanish. It is also the home in which I grew up, in the rolling foothills approaching Yosemite Valley. Sadly, you don't see as many majestic Monarchs there as in the past, but it is still one of the most beautiful places I know come Spring and the blush of wildflowers.

Mariposa is made-to-order, and hand-crafted using 100% wool felt. Each piece will be hand-cut and stitched, making this butterfly as unique and without duplicate as it's fluttering inspiration.

Backing this wearable art-work is a 1 inch bar pin, securely stitched to the fourth layer of felt. Nearly life-sized, Mariposa is 3.5 inches across, and about 2 inches tall.

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