Thursday, July 9, 2009

Death's Head Hawk Moth Custom Pin

Nearly 5 hours of work, but I think worth it!  I'm pleased with how the custom Silence of the Lambs icon turned out.  

Four layers of felt make up the body and wings which were hand-cut and stitched.  Details were embroidered as well as needle-felted using wool roving and other wool fibers.  Its wings span approximately 4 inches from tip to tip.

Inspiration image from Silence of the Lambs
See how I made it here!


The Fox Den said...

Wow! That turned out great. I am impressed. Congrats on the exposure on Etsy, too. Now go celebrate with some Chianti (minus the fava beans).

Penelope Anne said...


Lyn said...

Ooo. do you have any more of those? i must have one.
It's so cute!

Pammy Dawn said...

Yes! Each one is custom. You can look here:
Thanks for looking! :)