Sunday, February 15, 2009

Crocheted, Felted, and Needle-Felted Mini Purse

It started with a small obsession for crocheted scarves, and grew into a curiosity for more crocheted accessories.  Since becoming reacquainted with my crochet hooks this winter, I've been searching for more projects to get my fix.  

This little bag is so simple, yet so cute!  I started with 100% merino wool yarn - (this is a great project for a beginner too!) and the whole bag is single crochet in a round (except for the base, which is also single crochet, but each row is turned).  I also decided my purse needed an internal pocket.  I crocheted a square, turned the bag inside out stitched the pocket to one wall using the same merino wool yarn.

After I was finished crocheting the purse, I put it in a laundry bag, and put it in the washing machine on HOT with a little bit of soap.  It really shrinks a lot!!  The fibers mesh together in a process called fulling or felting.  It comes out wet and pliable so you can mold it into a more purse-like shape.  I put mine under a ceiling fan on high speed for a day and it was completely dry by that evening.  

Of course I couldn't leave it alone at that point!  I got out my new TOYS - felting needles, and some wool, needle-felted some little fuschia flowers and stems, popped a button on one side and attached a felt strap.  Voila!  So much fun!

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