Sunday, December 21, 2008

Small Business Impact of CPSIA

As you know, this past year I've been working at creating a small business creating and selling 100% wool hair clips for children and women. My business was steadily growing, and I enjoyed heart-felt pride for each piece being enjoyed by families around our nation and internationally.

This August, congress passed a law intending to protect children from the toxic effects of lead in imported and manufactured toys and other products. However, the way the law was written requires ANY and ALL producers (including hand-made, natural products, intrinsically free from lead) to test each component and product for lead by 3rd party laboratories at a cost upwards of $180 per component. This test would be required for every style/product created for the use of children. Essentially, the only companies that would be able to afford to remain in business, are those conglomerates guilty of importing tainted products in the past. Small businesses here in the United States will be put out of business if the law is not amended. Please join me in signing this petition to draw attention to the law's impact on small businesses in this time of economic turmoil. Thank you - if you have any questions about the law, you may visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website here:

To sign the petition, please click below - there are 3 petitions. It is free to sign (it does ask for donations after you sign, but that is OPTIONAL, and you may close the window after you sign the petition)

Impacts on Children's apparel
Impacts on Children's Toys
Impacts on Small Business Green Toy/Clothing Companies

If you think saving local and small businesses in our country is an important and worthy goal, please pass this information along to your friends and families!

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Thank you for spreading the word to your readers!